UNESCO’s 2020 State of Education for India Report

The UNESCO recently launched the State of Education for India report (SER). The report highlights the vision of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) included in India’s new national education policy 2020. UNESCO has developed a Strategy for TVET (2016-21). The strategy is in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goal and Education 2030 Framework for Action.

 Recommendations for TVET in India

  • To create an appropriate ecosystem for trainers, teachers and assessors
  • To focus on reskilling, of the killing and lifelong learning.
  • To ensure inclusive access to TVET for differently abled, women and disadvantaged learners.
  • To expand the digitalization of training and vocational education.
  • To deploy innovative models of Financing TVET
  • To establish robust coordinating mechanism for inter-ministerial cooperation.
  • To expand research for better planning and monitoring.
  • To support local communities and generate livelihoods by engaging in preserving intangible cultural heritage.
  • Learners and their aspirations should be placed at the centre of vocational education and training programmes.

About TVET

It refers to the study of Technologies, acquisition of practical skills, understanding and knowledge relating to occupations and various sectors.

The TVET is important to foster youth employment and Entrepreneurship. It promotes equity and gender equality. It facilitates transition towards sustainable societies and green economy.

Current Scenario of TVET in India

According to State of Education for India report of UNESCO, currently in India there are more than thousand colleges that are running special under graduate Bachelor of vocation programme. Around 10,158 State Government schools are offering vocational education to 1.2 million students.

Why is TVET essential to India?

TVET will help India create a strong work force. According to the National Policy of Skill Development Entrepreneurship, India aims to create a workforce of 110 million people by 2022. Currently India is training 10 million youth through many schemes according to the State of Education for India report.




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