UN Global Climate Survey- Key Findings

The United Nations has released its biggest ever opinion poll on climate change that is “UN Global Climate Survey”. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted the “Peoples’ Climate Vote” for 1.2 million people from 50 countries to prepare the report.

Key Findings of the survey

  • In the survey, the UN finds that two-thirds of people think it is a “global emergency”.
  • The survey highlights that the people across the world support the climate action. They also give politicians a clear mandate to take the major action so as to find solutions.
  • As per the survey, young people showed the greatest concern. 69% of people aged 14-18 said there is a climate emergency while 58% of those above 60 agreed with it. Thus, there is no generational divide on the climate concerns.
  • People strongly supported the renewable energy in the countries where fossil fuels are a major source of emissions. For Instance, US 65% in favour of renewable energy in US, 76% in Australia and 51% in Russia.
  • People also supported the conservation of trees in the countries where the destruction of forests is a big cause of emissions. This gets 60% support in Brazil while 57% in Indonesia.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP is the global development network of United Nations (UN) headquartered in New York City. The organisation promotes the technical and investment cooperation among nations. It is engaged in giving the expert advice, training and grants support to the developing countries. It works with nations on their own solutions to meet the global and national development challenges. UNDP help the nations only if different nations request for the help. The UNDP is funded by voluntary contributions from UN member states, completely. UNDP is operational in 177 countries. It also helps the countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also focuses on poverty reduction, Social development, democratic governance, HIV/AIDS, energy & environment and crisis prevention & recovery.




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