UN Annual Report on children and armed conflict

United Nations published its “Annual Report of Secretary-General on Children & Armed Conflict (CAAC)”. As per the report, about 19,300 children, including boys and girls, have suffered from one or more incidents of grave violations in 2020.

Key Findings of report

  • As per the report, 26425 grave violations were committed against children in 2020, including attacks on schools and hospitals.
  • About 19,300 children affected by war in 2020 were victims of grave violations like killing, maiming or rape.
  • As per report, recruitment & use of children, killing & maiming were most prevalent grave violations against children which is followed by denial of humanitarian access & abduction.
  • Crimes of abduction has increased by 90%, incidents of rape & other forms of sexual violence have increased by 70% in 2020.
  • Wars of adults have taken away childhood of millions of boys and girls in 2020.
  • One in four children affected by grave violations like rare & other forms of sexual violence were girls. 98% of incidents of sexual violence perpetrated against girls.

Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has complicated UN’s efforts to reach out to children in situations of armed conflict. It has increased vulnerability of children to abduction, recruitment & use, sexual violence and attacks on schools & hospitals.




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