U.S. Defence Budget and Indo-Pacific Strategy

A proposed USD 1.8 billion for supporting the Indo-Pacific strategy of the USA was announced by President Joe Biden. To counter the malign behaviour of China another USD 400 million was also announced.


  • Both these announcements are a part of the USD 773 billion annual defence budget that the US announced for the year 2023. The White House submitted this budget to the US Congress.
  • The USD 1.8 billion has been announced so that an open and free, secure, connected, and resilient Indo-Pacific Region can be supported by the US.
  • USD 400 million has been earmarked for the Chinese Malign Influence Fund.
  • USD 682 million has also been earmarked for Ukraine which is an increase of USD 219 million from the previous year.

The USA’s role in the Indo-Pacific

In the Indo-Pacific region, the US is continuing to strengthen the role it plays. It is also looking to expand its cooperation with long-time partners and allies. The US will also be looking to include new defence and security, diplomatic, emerging and critical technology as well as supply chain, global health and climate initiatives tie-ups between its partners.

Prioritizing the country’s competition with China

The US has been prioritizing the strategic competition it faces from China and has been working with partners and allies to resist and deter aggression from Beijing and Moscow. China has been identified as a challenge that is being faced.




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