Trump signs order to restrict use of H1B visa

The US President, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order in order to restrict federal agencies from contracting and sub-contracting foreign workers, hurting the cause of Indian IT Professionals, who mainly go to the US on the H-1B Visa.


The move comes on the backdrop of the order of the government to suspend the H-1B visas along with all other types of work visas until the end of the current year. The move was aimed at protecting the interests of the US workers ahead of the Presidential election in the country. Those restrictions came into effect from June 24.

Details of the Current Order by the US President

As per the present order of the US President, it is required that all federal agencies complete an audit of all the employees working with them in order to assess whether they are complying with the new regulations of the government. As per this order, the agencies are required to hire only US nationals and workers for all their needs. The Labour Department will also make necessary changes so that the employers cannot displace the H-1B visa workers to another employer, thereby affecting the interest of the US nationals.

What is H-1B Visa?

It is mainly used by the Indian IT Professionals and also people of other countries in order to obtain permission to stay in the country for doing jobs requiring technical expertise or theoretical knowledge. The technology companies depend on this to hire employees each year from India and China.




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