TiHAN: India’s first Autonomous Navigation facility

On July 4, 2022 Union Minister of State for Science & Technology, Jitendra Singh, recently inaugurated India’s first Autonomous Navigation facility called TiHAN.

Key Facts

  • TiHAN was inaugurated at the campus of IIT Hyderabad.
  • Union Ministry of Science and technology has developed the navigation facility with an outlay of Rs. 130 crores.

About TiHAN

TiHAN stands for “Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation”. It is a multidisciplinary initiative, that has been launched to make India a global player in ‘smart mobility’ technology for futuristic and next generation. This platform will provide for high quality research facility between industry, academia and R&D labs at local and global levels.

Significance of the testbed

TiHAN testbed seeks to make India a global leader in terms of autonomous navigation technologies. TiHAN-IITH testbed on Autonomous Navigations (Aerial & Terrestrial) will help in accurate testing of next generation autonomous navigation technologies. The testbed comprises of simulation platforms, which is turn permit for non-destructive testing of algorithms and prototypes.

What was the need of TiHAN test bed?

TiHAN test bed was developed and is needed because, limited testbeds or proving grounds are present across the world to probe the operation of unmanned and connected vehicles in controlled environment. In India, there was no testbed facility to assess the performance of autonomous vehicles.

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

A real-time CPS system is being developed and deployed by TiHAN, using autonomous UAVs and ground or surface vehicle. This will find applications in many sectors of national importance.




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