The Citizen Constitution Literacy campaign

The campaign was launched in Kollam district of Kerala. The campaign is first of its kind. The campaign will educate the residents of the district about the basics of constitution. The campaign aims to make Kollam district a constitutionally literate district.

About the campaign

The campaign aims to educate seven lakh Kollam residents. It is organized by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration and District Planning Committee. The campaign will brief the preamble of the Indian Constitution, fundamental rights, history of Indian constitution and legal remedies. All the citizens above the age of ten are to be briefed about the constitution. This includes socio – cultural organizations, private establishments, government institutions, educational institutions.

Significance of the campaign

The Indian Constitution defines the rights and responsibilities of the citizens of the country. Unfortunately, the people of the country are not aware of their constitutional rights. With this, the people will uphold constitutional values in their family life, personal life and socio – political, cultural and economic life.

How will the campaign be implemented?

Ten to fifteen individuals from a gram panchayat will be selected. Twenty to Twenty five persons from each municipality will be selected. These selected personnel will be provided proper training. They are to be called as “Senators”. A squad of the senators will be created. They will provide two to three sessions of classes to each family. The campaign will also take help from interested socio – cultural organizations. Special handbooks will be distributed to students.

Equality forum in the campaign

During the second phase of the campaign, an equality forum is to be created. The equality forum consists of families. To them, constitution will be taught in simple terms. Also, they will be provided with small handout of the preamble of the constitution in Malayalam. This handout was prepared by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration.




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