Tata Motors Launches Electric Vehicle Technology Ziptron for its Future EVs

Tata Motors has announced new electric vehicle technology ZIPTRON to power a range of aspirational Tata Electric Cars.

Ziptron Technology

  • The Ziptron technology which will drive the electric vehicles comprises an efficient permanent magnet AC motor with regenerative braking which charges the battery on the drive. The new technology also comprises of dust and waterproof lithium-ion battery system, which meets the IP67 standards.
  • The vehicles with new Ziptron Technology will source power from advanced lithium-ion cells which will give a driving range of 250 km on a single charge.
  • The battery pack will be liquid-cooled and will be packed in a solid IP67 case which provides high strength outer shell to protect critical electric vehicle components. The Battery Management System has been designed for an extended battery life of up to eight years and will offer consistent performance.
  • The powertrain also has a dedicated cooling circuit in a bid to provide consistent performance in hot weather conditions.

This new technology will offer benefits such as efficient high voltage system, long-range, fast charging capability, battery with a warranty of 8 years, and adherence to IP67 standard.

ZIPTRON Freedom 2.0 Campaign

Tata Motors has also launched the ZIPTRON Freedom 2.0 campaign for highlighting how this technology breaks existing barriers and provides freedom from pollution, addresses range anxiety, and offers electrifying driving performance.


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