Lithium-ion battery

NeoBolt: India’s first indigenous Motorised Wheelchair Vehicle

Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) has developed India’s first indigenous motorised wheelchair vehicle called NeoBolt. Key Facts NeoBolt can be used on roads as well as on uneven terrains. It has a maximum speed of 25 kmph and it can ..


India’s first Lithium refinery

The first Lithium refinery of India is to be set up in Gujarat. One of the largest power trading and renewable energy company, Manikaran Power Limited is to invest Rs 1000 crores to set up the refinery. About the Refinery ..


2019 Nobel prize in Chemistry awarded for discovery in Lithium-ion batteries

The Nobel Prize 2019 for Chemistry has jointly been awarded to three scientists – John D. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino – for the development of lithium-ion batteries that we use in everyday life from mobile phones to ..

Tata Motors Launches Electric Vehicle Technology Ziptron for its Future EVs

Tata Motors has announced new electric vehicle technology ZIPTRON to power a range of aspirational Tata Electric Cars. Ziptron Technology The Ziptron technology which will drive the electric vehicles comprises an efficient permanent magnet AC motor with regenerative braking which ..

The researchers at IIT Hyderabad develop eco-friendly solar cells using kumkum dye

The scientists at IIT Hyderabad have developed low-cost, environment-friendly solar cells by employing an off-the-shelf dye used to make kumkum or vermilion in India. The Dye-Sensitised Solar Cell (DSSC) is based on New Fuchsin (NF) dye with aqueous electrolyte and ..

India’s First Lithium Ion Giga Factory to be build by BHEL

India’s First Lithium Ion Giga Factory will be build by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) and Libcoin. Both the companies are in dialogue to form a world class consortium to initially build 1GWh lithium ion battery plant in India. Its ..