Sudan Protests: Gunshots and Tear Gas fired

In protests which have launched by thousands of protestors against the government, heavy gunfire has been heard in the capital town of Khartoum outside the office of the Defence Ministry of Sudan. Many eyewitnesses alleged that the security forces also fired tear gas on the protestors.

The forces of the very powerful National Intelligence and Security Service, including the riot police resorted to firing tear gas in a bid to disperse the demonstrators from the military area. Many live coverages taken by media showed heavy gunfire exchange.

In the last four months, the country has seen widespread protests against the government which were triggered anger which was caused by an increase in prices of bread but later took shape of broader calls against the rule of President Omar al-Bashir which has extended over 3 years. It is said that the armed forces of Sudan are not against the demands of the protestors which actually seek to oust the President but the army fears that the country should not fall into chaos. The SPA or the Sudanese armed forces, which is leading the protest said that a soldier had been killed while he was trying to protect the ones who were rallying against the President.

Crowds were already raising the slogans stating that “Sudan is rising, the army is rising” for encouraging the armed forces for backing their demands. The protest Alliance for Freedom and Change group is seeking direct talks with army thereby forming a transitional government. A senior member of the group, Omar el-Digeir, said that “We reiterate our people’s demand that the head of the regime and his government have to immediately step down. We also call on the Sudanese armed forces to withdraw their support for a regime that has lost its legitimacy”.

“The army would like to come out of this as the people who saved Sudan from chaos”. In the meanwhile, analysts said that the senior military figures have to look for a way for the President to step down gracefully and also initiate a transition of power.




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