What is Pattaya Mission?

The state government of Kerala is planning to establish a Pattaya Mission by the end of April to tackle land record issues in the state. Under the leadership of MLAs in each district, the mission will work towards providing title deeds for all individuals.

Why is the Kerala Government launching Pattaya Mission?

Despite the implementation of the Land Reforms Act five decades ago, land record problems have not been resolved, and the proposed Pattaya Mission will expedite the distribution of title deeds. Till now, the government has disbursed 54,535 title deeds. It was announced by Revenue Minister K. Rajan while inaugurating a State-level Pattaya Mela in Wayanad and laying the foundation for a smart village office in Vellamunda.

What is the need for Pattaya Mission?

The feudal system was strong in Kerala. The state was formed in 1957. However, the subsequent chief ministers couldn’t implement land reforms in the state. It was Achutha Menon the CM of the state in the 1970s who implemented the land reforms successfully. He too couldn’t bring reforms in the cash crop plantations. Kerala is a mountainous region where coffee and tea plantations are the major sources of income apart from paddy, wheat, and maize cultivation. With the cash crop plantation placed out of the land reforms, the majority of the lands in the state were not distributed. This is why the present Kerala Government is launching the Pattaya mission.

The issue rose because the cash crop plantations were placed outside the purview of the Kerala Land reforms (Amendment) Act passed in 1969.

Why the delay in Kerala?

The political society of the state was the main reason behind the delay. The culturist framework among the Keralites ignores their material concerns. Also, the subsequent political parties that came to power did not put in efforts to bring in material transformation among the agrarian classes.  With the literacy levels increasing in the state and land value increasing in the country, people are now learning the importance of land reforms.




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