Pakistan bans Islamic State militant group

Pakistan has banned the Islamic State (IS) militant group which has undertaken vast stretches of Iraq and Syria in its control.
This decision was taken Pakistan Government on the recommendation of the Foreign Office, which regularly updates it about international militant groups banned by the United Nations (UN).

Why Pakistan is concerned about IS militant group?

  • The UN banned group is believed to have gained a strong foothold in the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Following the death of Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, the IS has become powerful in Afghanistan overtaking its weaker contenders Taliban and al-Qaida.
  • Even some top Taliban militants joined IS and under their leadership the group has fought pitched battles with Taliban inside Afghanistan.
  • In Pakistan, several graffiti and banners (known as Daesh in Arabic) supporting IS, have been often appeared which had raised security concerns.

India’s position on IS militant group

Union Government already has banned brutal terror group Islamic State under the provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and following the provisions of section two of the United Nations (Security Council) Act, 1947.
India took this decision in December 2014 after UN has banned it under its sanctions regime of the Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (Implementation of Security Council Resolutions) Order, 2007.




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