NPCI launches NTS platform for Card Tokenisation

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced for the launch of NPCI Tokenization system (NTS) on October 20, 2021 in order to provide support to the tokenisation of cards as an alternate for storing card details with merchants.

Key Facts

  • The NTS will support the tokenisation of RuPay cards in order to further enhance the safety of customers as well to provide a seamless shopping experience for the consumers.
  • With the launch of NTS, acquiring banks, merchants, aggregators, and others can get themselves certified with the NPCI. This in turn will help them in playing the role of Token Requestor.
  • Token requestor will help in save the token reference number (Token Reference on File (TROF)) for all the saved card numbers.
  • By utilizing the TROF, all the businesses can maintain their RuPay consumer base for future transactions that will be initiated by their respective RuPay consumers.

When these guidelines will be met?

Merchants are required to meet the Tokenisation by January 1, 2022.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

NPCI is the specialised division of Reserve Bank of India. It works under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Finance. It was established to operate retail payments and settlement systems in India. NPCI was established in December 2008 and is registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013. It was established by the RBI and Indian Banks’ Association.




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