New Districts of Andhra Pradesh

The Jagan Mohan Reddy Government of Andhra Pradesh recently created 13 new districts. The districts were created based on Parliamentary constituencies. With this the total number of districts in Andhra Pradesh has increased to 26.

About the new districts

The Araku Lok Sabha constituency in Visakhapatnam was divided into two districts.

The 26 districts are Srikulam. Vizianagaram, Manyam, allure Sitharama Raju district, Visakhapatnam, Sri Balaji district, Chittor, Annamayya, YSR Kadappa, Sri Satyasai district, Ananthapuram, Nandyal, Kurnool, SPS Nellore, Prakasam, Palnadu, Bapatla, Guntur, NTR district, Krishna, Eluru, West Godavari, East Godavari, Kona Seema, Kakinada, Anakapalli.

Before this, a new district was created in 1979 in an undivided Andhra Pradesh. It was Vizianagaram district.

How are new districts created in India?

The power to create a new district is in the hands of the state government. This is either done by passing a law in the state assembly or through an executive order. The State Governments can also pass a notification in the office gazette.

Why are new districts created?

According to the state governments, it is easy to administrate if the districts are smaller. Small and more districts mean more officers for less population. The grievances of the people shall be redressed easily. Scheme implementation and fund transfer becomes easy.

What is the role of central government in creating districts?

The Central Governments have no role in creating new districts. The Ministry of Home Affairs is included only when the state government wishes to change the name of the railway station.

What is the current scenario of Indian districts?

According to 2011 census, there were 593 districts in India. Between 2001 and 2011, 46 districts were created. According to Know India (a GoI website), there are 718 districts in the country. The number increased mainly because of division of Andhra Pradesh in 2014. The number had not added the newly created AP districts.




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