New Code by Indian Scientists to study magnetosphere of the earth

The Indian Scientists at the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism has developed fluid simulation code to study electric field structure in the magnetosphere of the earth.


The study will help to plan the future space missions. The study will also lead to control fusion experiments to fulfill ever-expanding energy demands of humanity.


The scientists have developed one-dimensional fluid simulation code. The study helps to see the electric field in isolated pulses.


The sun is the major source that deposits plasma around the earth. It forces its plasma towards the earth through its solar wind. This creates interplanetary magnetic field that is carried by the solar magnetic field.

The interaction of the earth’s magnetic field and the interplanetary magnetic field creates magnetosphere of the earth.


The magnetosphere of the earth has several numbers of satellites revolving. When the satellites leave the observational domain of one satellite and enter into the other, a blind arena is created. The study will help to decipher this through computer simulations.




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