National Safety Day 2022

4th March is observed as National Safety Day. This day aims to raise awareness regarding all safety protocols which includes workplaces, on-roads, the environment, and health.


  • On this day, various programmes are organized with the aim of educating people about the regulations and measures which have been enacted to ensure a safe environment.
  • This day also aims to promote a proactive approach to safety, as well as methods for identifying workplace hazards and dangers.

The Theme of National Safety Day 2022

“Nurture young minds – develop a safety culture” is the theme for this year’s National Safety Day.

History of the day

On March 4, 1966, the National Safety Council was established to develop, generate, and sustain a voluntary movement in the specific areas of safety, health, and the environment (SHE). After six years, in 1972, on the foundation day of the National Safety Council, the National Safety Day was first observed.

About National Safety Council

The National Safety Council is India’s primary, self-financing, non-profit, tripartite apex body at the national level. The Ministry of Labour established it as an autonomous body. The vision of this organization is to serve society by creating a scientific mindset, preventive culture, and organized approach to the SHE issues. The organization believes these issues are basic humanitarian concerns and their redressal is facilitated if their relationship with productivity and quality is well demonstrated. Its headquarter is in Navi Mumbai.




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