National Democratic Front of Bodoland

The Assam Chief Minister Sarbanada Sonowal recently provided four lakh rupees to around 1,279 surrendered cadres of National Democratic Front of Bodoland.

National Democratic Front of Bodoland

  • The National Democratic Front of Bodoland is an armed separatist that seeks to obtain sovereign Bodoland for the Bodo people. The Government of India has designated the National Democratic Front of Bodoland as the terrorist organisation.
  • The NDFB is a militant group that was created in 1986. The group has conducted several attacks targeting non-Bodo civilians. The NDFB mainly targets Munda, Santhal and Oraon tribes. These tribal people were brought to Assam as tea labourer by Britishers.
  • In 1990s, the NDFB established twelve camps along the Bhutan-Assam border. The Bhutan Government launched Operation All Clear to drive away them from Bhutan border. The Indian Government launched Operation Bajrang and Operation Rhino against the Assam separatist groups.

Bodo Accord 2020

The Bodo Peace Accord, 2020 was signed between All Bodo Students Union, Assam Government and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland. Following the accord, the GoI announced Rs 1,500 crore package for Bodo Areas of Assam.

In twenty-seven years of conflict, the Government of India has signed three agreements with the Bodo tribes. In 1993, an agreement signed with the All-Bodo Students Union resulted in the creation of Bodoland Autonomous Council. The 2003 agreement was signed with Bodo Liberation Tigers.


Bodos are the single largest tribal community of Assam. They make up 5% to 6% of the state’s population. They are a part of the Bodo-Kachari family spread across the North East India. They speak Boro language. The Boro Language is recognised as one of the twenty-two languages in the Indian Constitution.

The Bodos are recognised as plains tribes in the sixth schedule of the Indian Constitution.




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