National Defence Authorisation Act

The US Senate recently passed the 740.5 billion USD of National Defence Authorisation Act. The act allocates funds for military ships, construction projects, aircrafts, nuclear weapons and other national security initiatives.

Key Features of National Defence Authorisation Act, 2021

Pacific Deterrence Initiative to counter China

The act has allocated 2.2 billion USD to the Pacific Deterrence Initiative. The initiative aims to enhance the American deterrence and increase the capability and readiness of US forces in the Indo-Pacific region. Also, it will deepen US cooperation with its allies and partners such as Australia, India, China and Japan.


The Space Force is to start research and development projects to promote competition in the National Security Space Launch Programme.

Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence
  • The act is full of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber security.
  • The NDAA contains the AI Initiative Act, National AI Research Resource Task Force Act and the Cyber security legislations.
  • The act holds many of the recommendations made by the Cyberspace Solarium Commission. This includes the creation of National Cyber Director position in White House.
  • The act also holds new standards for cybersecurity maturity model certification.

National Defence Authorisation Act, 2020

The National Defence Authorisation Act of 2020 brought India at par with the NATO allies of America and other countries like South Korea and Israel.


National Defence Authorisation Act is one of the two bills used by the US Congress to oversee the defence budget of the USA (the other bill is Defence Appropriation Bill). It specifies the annual budget and expenditure of the country’s defence department. This is a yearly bill. This bill has been passed by the Congress for 60 years in a row. This year’s bill includes mandatory sanctions on Turkey for its acquisition of Russian missile defence system, renaming of bases that currently honor Confederate leaders from pro-slavery states, pay raises for service members, etc.




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