‘Nanjarayan Tank’ – Tamil Nadu’s New Bird Sanctuary

The Nanjarayan Tank is recently declared the 17th bird sanctuary of Tamil Nadu.

Where is Nanjarayan Tank located and who built it?

Nanjarayan Tank is located on the outskirts of Tirupur city around 60 kilometers from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was built by King Nanjarayan as a source for irrigation. It is also known as Sarkar Periyapalayam Reservoir.

Which birds have been found here?

The undisturbed mudflats (sediment deposits) in the middle of the lake ensure a thriving ecosystem and also attract many birds. Pelicans, painted storks, coots, etc can be found here.  It is also a haven for migratory birds. In 2010, four bar-headed geese, one of the world’s highest-flying birds from Europe were spotted in the tank. A flock of 14 ruddy shelducks that breed in parts of Europe and Central Asia was spotted in 2020.

What are the threats to birds here?

The habitat of birds is getting destroyed. The mudflats were damaged due to the de-silting work in 2015 done by the Public Works Department (PWD) of the Tamil Nadu government. Water pollution is also a major issue, as effluents from nearby dyeing units are released into the lake. Declaring the tank as a bird sanctuary may restore the habitat of birds. A conservation center, watchtowers, and butterfly garden are being planned.




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