Mission SAGAR III: INS Kiltan arrives at Cambodia

The INS Kiltan recently arrived at Sihanoukville Port, Cambodia under Mission Sagar III. The ship is to deliver fifteen tonnes of HADR (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief) for flood affected Cambodia. The relief assistance is to be provided to the National Disaster Management Committee of Cambodia.


The mission is a part of HADR assistance of India to foreign countries. SAGAR is Security and Growth for All in the Region. It reiterates position of India as a dependable partner, first responder and preferred security partner. Earlier, under the mission, India sent fifteen tonnes of flood support to Vietnam.

Mission SAGAR II

The Mission SAGAR II was launched in November 2020. It is in-line with Mission SAGAR undertaken in May-June 2020. Under Mission SAGAR-II, INS Airavat delivered food aid to Djibouti, Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea.

Mission SAGAR

It was launched in May 2020. Under the mission, the INS Kesari carried medical assistance and food items to Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Madagascar and Comoros.

Indian Ocean Region

The Indian Ocean Region comprises of Indian Ocean and countries bordering it. It is home to one-third population of the world holding 2.5 billion people.

What is SAGAR?

SAGAR initiative aims at providing security, capacity building, collective action, maritime engagement and sustainable development. India’s greatest strength of SAGAR is that it is located in the centre of Indian Ocean.

Why is SAGAR required?

Through SAGAR initiative, India can leverage on Blue Economy. Also, the initiative will help India solve regional issues such as piracy and disasters. China has been exerting its influence in the Indian Ocean Region establishing commercial and military implications in the form of String of Pearls strategy. SAGAR will help to counter such issues.




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