Mazagon Dock delivers first Destroyer

On October 28, 2021, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) delivered the first ship of “Project 15B Class Destroyer Visakhapatnam” to the Indian Navy.

Key points

  • The ship is likely to commission in November.
  • It was constructed using indigenous steel.
  • It is among the largest destroyers that are constructed in India.
  • Its overall length is 164 meters and the displacement of around 7,500 tonnes.

Characteristics of the ship

  • The ship is a potent platform which is capable of undertaking several tasks and missions, over the full spectrum of maritime warfare.
  • It is equipped with Barak-8 long range surface-to-air missiles and supersonic surface-to-surface Brahmos missiles.
  • It is fitted with indigenously developed anti-submarine weapons as well as sensors for undersea warfare capability.
  • It comprises of heavyweight torpedo tube Launchers & rocket launchers as well as hull-mounted sonar Humsa NG.
  • Ship has an endurance of 400 nautical miles.

Significance of the ship

This ship is more versatile as compared to previous destroyers and frigates in the Naval inventory. It has all-round capability against enemy submarines, anti-ship missiles, surface warships and fighter aircraft which in turn will enable it to operate without a bevy of supporting vessels. It can accommodate a crew of 312 persons.

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL)

MDL is a shipyard located in Mazagaon, Mumbai. It manufactures warships and submarines for Indian Navy. It is involved in manufacturing of offshore platforms & associated support vessels for the purpose of offshore oil drilling. It also constructs tankers, passenger ships & ferries and cargo bulk carriers.




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