Kochi Water Metro Project

The Kochi Water Metro Project is a ferry transport project. It provides feeder service to the suburbs. With this Kochi has become the first city in India to launch water metro project.

About the Project

  • The project is operated by the Kochi Metro Rail Limited. 15 routes are identified under the project. It connects ten islands. The distance span is around 76 kilometres. 78 fast electrically ferried and hybrid ferries will ply to 38 jetties.
  • More than one lakh islanders will benefit from water metro. It will operate as a socially inclusive transport system.
  • The project will also focus on improving tourism based initiatives and will improve livelihoods.
  • It will introduce energy efficient, modern and environment friendly and safe boats.
  • The project will reduce traffic congestions and pollution.
  • It will also ease access to urban households and business areas in the mainland.

About the boats

The boats were constructed at Cochin Shipyard. They are fully air conditioned. They have wide windows providing good view of the backwaters and banks. The project will operate 23 boats. The boats can carry hundred passengers.

Funds Allocated

The total cost of the project is Rs 819 crores. Major part of the project is financed by Indo – German Cooperation. KFW, the German Funding Agency is investing 85 million Euros, that is, Rs 102 crores. The Kerala Government has allocated Rs 102 crores. The land acquisition cost is Rs 72 crores.

Features of the Project

The transport system is powered by LTO battery technology. This is the first time in the world, battery power centrally controlled water system is implemented. LTO is Linear Titanium Oxide is a rechargeable battery. It charges at a rapid rate as compared to other lithium – ion batteries. However, the energy density of the lithium – ion batteries are less. Currently they are used in some of the Japanese versions of electric vehicles. And Kochi water boats will be the first boats to use the technology in a larger scale.




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