INSACOG report: Delta variant driving infections in India

A genome sequencing government consortium of Laboratories in India, INSACOG, stressed that breakthrough infections of coronavirus cases in India comprise a high proportion of Delta variant.

Key Points

  • INSACOG Highlights that, Continuing COVID-19 outbreaks in India are the result of Delta variant, susceptible population and reduced vaccine effectiveness in breaking the transmission.
  • However, it adds, vaccination is still very effective in reducing severe disease and death.
  • It also notes that, public health measures to reduce transmission and inoculation are still critical.
  • Sequencing of vaccination breakthroughs across India is also showing a high proportion of Delta variant.
  • As per data sequencing done by INSACOG, out of 30230 samples of Variants of Concern and Variants of Interest, 20324 were of Delta Variant.

Delta variant in India

Delta variant is driving the pandemic across several countries. China and Korea are also witnessing new highs. Korea reported that, new surge is due to Delta plus K417N mutation. In between March to May 2021, Delta variant caused a deadly second wave India that wreaked havoc on the health infrastructure and hospitals. In India, new cases of AY.1, AY.2, AY.3 (Delta Plus) are being witnessed from July samples collected from Maharashtra at a frequency of 1 per cent. However, none of these sub-lineages have a growth advantage over Delta parent lineage. Thus, Delta variant is a major Variant of Concern in India this time.

Active cases in India

Daily coronavirus cases India have reduced significantly since the peak of second wave in May. Active cases have come down to 3,63,605, lowest in 150 days. R Value, or Reproduction rate in India has also dropped to 0.89.




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