INS Prabal sinks target with high accurate precision

On October 23, 2020, the Indian Navy released a video showing anti-missile ship INS Prabal launching a missile. The video clearly showed the high accuracy of the missile. The missile sunk a targeted ship. The ship was decommissioned long back.

INS Prabal

It is a Chamak-class missile boat of Indian Navy. It served in Indo-Pakistan War 1971. Indian Navy also owns Veer-class INS Prabal.

Trantul Class

These vessels were designed to replace Tsunami missile boats.

Veer Class

It is a customised variant of Soviet Tarantul class. These vessels were used in Operation Trident and Operation Python.

Operation Trident

It was launched by the Indian Navy in the port city of Karachi during Indo-Pakistan war, 1971. This operation was followed by Operation Python.

Anti-Ship Missile

It is designed to use against large boats and ships. The first anti-ship missiles were built by Nazi Germany. Eilat of Israeli Navy was the first ship to be sunk by ship launched missile. Brahmos II is a anti-ship missile.

Anti-Ship Missiles in India

The Anti-ship missiles in India are Dhanush, Brahmos, DRDO NASM-SR. Apart from these missiles, Agni is the most advanced missiles of Indian Defence System

Agni missiles

They are four stage intercontinental ballistic missiles. Agni VI is the most advanced of all the agni missile series. It has a strike range of 1,200 km.

Flurry of Missile Test

The Defence Research Development Organization has been conducting a flurry of missile tests recently. These tests are significant considering the present stand-off with China. Also, these were scheduled for tests earlier this year. However, they were postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Of these tests, Nirbhay was the only failure. The other missiles tested were Prithvi, SANT, Brahmos, Shaurya, etc.
Also, it is important for India to secure its maritime boundaries. India sends strong messages about its security measures in the Indian Ocean Region through these tests.




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