India’s Rank on Covid-19 Response Index

The Covid-19 Response Index was provided by Sydney-based Lowy Institute, recently. The study was based on the number of key indicators such as confirmed cases, cases per million people, deaths and deaths per million people.

Key findings of the index

  • India was ranked 86th in a coronavirus performance index among the 98 countries.
  • Report highlights that, New Zealand handled the pandemic more effectively than any other country across the world.
  • Brazil was ranked at the bottom of the list.
  • In the index, New Zealand was followed by Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Cyprus.
  • US was ranked as the fifth-worst performing country.
  • Sri Lanka was placed at 10th position in handling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The report further reveals that, the smaller populations, cohesive societies and capable institutions were big factors to successfully deal with the pandemic.
  • China was not included in the study since its testing rates are not publicly available.
  • India has so far reported 1.07 crore infections and 1,53,847 deaths – one of the world’s lowest fatality rates from the disease, attributed partly to its younger population.

About the Index

The indicators used for ranking the countries point out that how well or poorly countries have managed the pandemic. An average of the rankings was given across the six indicators. Then it was normalised for each country so as to produce a score between 0 for the worst performing and 100 for best performing. The study was conducted for 36 weeks.

The Lowy Institute

It is an independent think tank that was founded in April 2003. It was founded by Frank Lowy. The think tank is involved in conducting the original, policy-relevant research about the international political, strategic and economic issues. The institute is based in Sydney, Australia. The institute is funded by donations from the investment management firm, Manikay Partners.




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