India Russia Summit 2021

On December 6, 2021, Russia President Vladimir Putin visited India. He held the 21st India – Russia summit with his counter part Narendra Modi. During his visit, India and Russia signed 28 agreements. Some of them were semi – confidential. Thus, the Ministry of External Affairs did not release all of its details.

About the Summit

  • The countries agreed to extend the military technical cooperation by another ten years. Currently, the indigenous production under this cooperation include T – 90 tanks, MiG 29K aircraft, Su – 30 MKI, upgrade of MiG and suuply of Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher Smerch. Both India and Russia are currently developing fifth generation Fighter Aircraft and Multi – Role Transport Aircraft.
  • Reserve Bank of India and Bank of Russia signed pact to respond to cyberattacks.
  • The leaders agreed that both the countries share common perspectives on the situation in Afghanistan. They agreed to implement a bilateral roadmap created to act upon Afghanistan.
  • The Inter – Governmental Commission on Military and Military – Technical Cooperation was held. This commission was established in2000.

Discussions during the summit

  • The leaders discussed on International North – South Transport Corridor and also about the Chennai – Vladivostok Eastern Maritime Corridor (which is under proposal).
  • Russia welcomed the “Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan”.
  • India congratulated Russia on joining as an observer in NAM. And Russia congratulated India for its membership at the United Nations Security Council.


  • The “Special and Previleged Strategic Partnership” between the countries is getting stronger.
  • The visit of Russian President is a reflection of the country’s commitment to its ties with India. This is in need of the moment. Because, the ties between India and Russia were buffeted by New Delhi’s ties with the US. Also, Russia was getting closer with China on the back of US sanctions, CAATSA and its annexation of Crimea in 2014.
  • Also, ahead of Putin’s visit, India and Russia held the 2+2 dialogue. It was held between the external affairs minister and defence ministers of the countries. During the dialogue, the countries signed several military agreements. Under the agreement, India and Russia agreed to manufacture the Russian AK-203 in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Around 6 lakh rifles are to be manufactured. Through this, India will move ahead in its self – reliant path.




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