India lost 329 tigers in 3 years: Govt Data

Union Minister of State for Environment Ashwini Kumar Choubey presented data on tigers in Lok Sabha recently. According to him, 329 tigers got lost in India in past 3 years. Poaching and other natural or unnatural causes were responsible for the loss.

Highlights of the Ministry’s data on Tigers:

  • In 2019, India had lost 96 tigers; In 2020, it lost 106 tigers while 127 tigers were lost in 2021.
  • Out of 329 deaths, 68 tiger died due to natural causes, 5 due to unnatural causes, 29 due to poaching and 30 due to seizure.
  • Currently, 197 tigers have been put to scrutiny.
  • Number of poaching cases has decreased from 17 in 2019 to 4 in 2021.

Ministry’s data on elephants:

  • India lost 307 elephants in the same period due to poaching, poisoning, train accidents and electrocution.
  • 222 elephants lost their life to electrocution in part three years.
  • 41 cases were reported in Odisha, 34 in Tamil Nadu and 33 in Assam.
  • 45 elephants have died in train accidents.
  • 12 train fatalities were reported in Odisha while 11 in West Bengal.
  • 29 elephants lost life to poaching. Out of this number; 12 deaths occurred in Meghalaya and 7 in Odisha.
  • 11 elephants died due to poisoning, of which 9 deaths occurred in Assam.

Human-Animal Conflict: 

As per government’s data, 125 people got killed in “tiger attacks” in last three years. 61 deaths occurred in Maharashtra and 25 in Uttar Pradesh.




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