India Condemns UN report on Kashmir Situation

India has lodged a strong protest with the United Nations Human Rights Office over its report on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

UNHRC Report

  • In 2018 the Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released had released a report on Kashmir. Now an update has been released citings neither the Governments of India nor of Pakistan has taken clear steps to address and implement the recommendations made in OHCHR’s June 2018 report.
  • The updated report states that the number of civilian casualties reported over the 12-month period may be the highest in over a decade.  The accountability for violations committed by the Indian security forces remains virtually non-existent.
  • The update has also urged the Human Rights Council (HRC) to explore possibilities of setting up an international commission of inquiry into the allegations of human rights abuse in Kashmir.

India’s Objections

  • The report accords legitimacy to terrorism that is in complete variance with UNSC positions.
  • The report is part of the continued “motivated narrative” against Indian sovereignty and integrity.
  • The update refers to terror outfits such as Jaish-E-Mohammed as armed groups and has failed to take note that UNSC blamed the group for the February 14, 2019, Pulwama terror attack that led to the deterioration in India-Pakistan ties.
  • The report reflected a prejudiced mindset which chose to ignore the comprehensive socio-economic development efforts undertaken by the government in the face of terrorist challenges.
  • The report legitimised the actions of violent groups that champion dismemberment of the Indian state and seems out of the chosen line of the UN.
  • The report ignores the core issue of cross-border terrorism.
  • The report has failed to recognise an independent judiciary, human rights institutions and other mechanisms in J&K which safeguard, protect and promote constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights to all citizens of India.

India has also slammed the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for misusing the United Nations’s platform and coming out with a biased report on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.


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