Hemant Pandey develops a herbal drug to treat leucoderma

Hemant Pandey, a senior DRDO scientist, has developed a herbal drug – Lukoskin – to treat leucoderma, a condition in which white patches develop on the skin. The auto-immune condition, also called ‘vitiligo’, can be life-altering. Vitiligo is neither contagious nor life-threatening. Worldwide, the incidence of leucoderma is 1-2% of the population. In India, its incidence is around 4-5% in some parts of Rajasthan. In Gujarat, it is very high at more than 5-8%. This skin disorder is considered a social stigma in India where people confuse it with leprosy. Recently, the Modi government also conferred Pandey with the prestigious ‘Science Award’ for developing ‘Lukoskin’ to treat the skin condition. Lukoskin is manufactured and marketed by Delhi-based AIMIL Pharma Ltd. It is available as an ointment and oral liquid. A more developed version is likely to hit the market soon.


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