Haryana Government sets up new Foreign Cooperation Department

The Haryana Government has created a new department called Department of Foreign Cooperation. The aim of the department is to focus on initiatives that are taken by the state that promotes welfare of non-Resident Indians, investment and youth employment.

Key Features

  • The Foreign Cooperation Department will work to formulate country-wise strategies that will promote employment and investment in the state
  • The Department will work closely with the ministry of External Affairs to improve the international cooperation with the foreign provinces.
  • The Department will also help to increase engagement under twin city programmes of the Ministry of External Affairs


  • The Department will pursue issues that involves cooperation between public and private sectors.
  • The main aim of the Department will be to work with bilateral and multilateral groups to promote the interest of the state in foreign countries.
  • It will focus on trade and investments predominantly
  • The Department will also maintain relations with Indian mission that are working abroad in matters that are related to the state of Haryana.




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