Government issues manual for home-made masks

The Principal Scientific Advisor has released a manual for the preparation of home-made masks using readily available items.

Home-made Masks

The home-made masks can be prepared from easily available items like handkerchiefs and old garments like vests and t-shirts. These are to be cleaned thoroughly using heat, UV light, soap and water and also alcohol before use. The fabric is to be washed and boiled in water with salt for 5 minutes before being made into masks.


Some of the advantages of the homemade masks are:

  • Though it cannot give complete protection against the virus, it will be 70% effective against the SARS CoV 2.
  • It is made of double layer 100% cotton cloth and hence would be breathable.
  • It is made from readily accessible material and hence will encourage widespread adoption.
  • It can be reused after washing and heating.
  • It will reduce the demand for more professional masks that are essential for the frontline workers.
  • Widespread adoption of masks will slow down the pandemic’s spread.

Principal Scientific Adviser

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Indian government is concerned with facilitating the empowerment of science, technology and innovation for the improvement of the society and the economy. The PSA is the chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM STIAC). The PM STIAC is concerned with converting these visions into strategy and action.



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