Google Air Raid Alerts System

An Air Raid Alerts system is being rolled out by Google on Android phones in Ukraine. This system will act as a supplement to Ukraine’s existing air raid alert systems and will be based on the government provided alerts.


  • The Ukrainian Alarm app will also be highlighted by the company to Google Play users.
  • Google began rolling out the Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine at the request and with the assistance of the Ukrainian government.
  • Google has also announced that it is reducing recommendations globally for several Russian state-funded media outlets. All Russian state-funded media outlets’ apps have been removed from the Play Store in Europe.
  • In Russia, all payment-based services on YouTube, including YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Channel Memberships, and Merchandise as well as Google Play Store have been suspended by Google. The company had already paused all types of advertisements in Russia.

Google’s Work on Helping Refugees

Google is working on ways for businesses to flag if they are offering services to refugees in order to help the region’s growing population of refugees. Hotel owners in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries can indicate whether they are providing subsidized or free rooms to refugees on their Business Profile. Local businesses can also use their Business Profile on Search and Maps to offer a variety of services and support to Ukrainian refugees.




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