GoI launches “COVID-19 Fact Check Unit”

On April 2, 2020, the Government of India has launched the “COVID-19 Fact Check Unit” under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.


The unit is to operate through GMAIL. It will get messages at [email protected] and send response at the earliest. It will also act as a source of information provider about COVID-19.

Other Measures to curb fake news

The GoI has lately launched several initiatives to curb the spread of fake news about the virus. It had launched a WhatsApp Chatbot to answer the queries of the public about COVID-19. The GoI has issued directives to the social media companies to curb the fake news about community transmission of the virus in the country. According to WHO, community transmission is the third phase of spread of the virus. Currently India is in the second phase.  Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the state governments to create web portals at state level to help people verify facts about the virus in local languages.

The Home Ministry has also requested an “Action Taken Report” from the state government so that it can update Supreme Court about the measures being taken




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