First Repair of a US Navy Ship in India

On August 7, 2022, US Navy Ship (USNS) reached at Katupalli Shipyard of L&T at Ennore, near Chennai to undertake repairs and maintenance. This adds a new strategic dimension to India-US military partnership.


  • A US Navy Ship is being repaired for the first time in an Indian shipyard.
  • India had proposed during India-US 2+2 dialogue in April 2022 for US Navy to avail services and expertise of Indian Shipyards.
  • Repair of US Navy vessels in Indian shipyards was enabled as a part of Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). The LEMOA was signed to ease the exchange of goods and warlike stores between Indian and US navies.
  • The Indian Navy had proposed that, with US “pivot to the Indo-Pacific”, there will be 200-250 US Navy vessels in the Indo-Pacific. These vessels could be serviced in Indian shipyards, instead of going back to American shipyards in the Pacific.

The USNS Charles Drew will undergo repairs in various areas, for 11 days at the Kattupalli shipyard. This shipyard was awarded the repair contract considering the size of 41,000-tonne USNS Charles Drew. This highlights the capabilities of Indian shipyards in international ship repairing market. In Indian shipyards, cost-effective ship repair and maintenance services are provided using advanced maritime technology platforms.

About LEMOA:

LEMOA stands for Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement. It is a Military agreement Indian Armed Force and US Armed Force. The agreement provides for basic terms, conditions and procedures for Logistic supplies, support, and services. The agreement also provides for medical services, training, fuel, food, spare parts, transportation, water, clothing, maintenance, repair, and communication services. It was signed in August 2016.




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