Fact in Focus : Darfur, Sudan

The United States Security Council has approved a resolution that will halt the withdrawn of the combined United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force in the politically unstable Darfur region in Sudan.

Facts to remember about Sudan

  • Sudan is an African Country located in the North-East of Africa.
  • It is bordered by Egypt to the North and has an opening to the ocean at the Red Sea.
  • After the Christian Majority regions of historical Sudan separated into a new country as South Sudan, the predominant religion in Sudan is Islam.
  • The capital of Sudan is Khartoum while the capital of South Sudan is Juba.
  • The conflict-ridden region of Darfur lies in the west of Sudan.
  • South Sudan is a land-locked country. It ranks the highest in the rankings of American Fund for Peace s Fragile States Index (earlier known as the Failed States Index).

Why are peace-keeping forces deployed in Sudan?

  • In April 2019, the military of Sudan forcibly deposed former President Omar al-Bashir after his 30-year rule.
  • Since then, the military has been facing protest movements which demand civilian rule in Sudan.
  • Amid this chaos, Amnesty International had reported that the Sudanese Military was involved in war crimes like murders & rapes in the Darfur region.
  • However, this situation had then stabilized and members had called for the withdrawn of the force.

The Big Picture: Conflict Ridden Regions

Deployed after a resolution passed in the United Nations Security Council, the peacekeepers are also deployed in Kosovo (Serbia), Haiti, Western Sahara, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Indo-Pakistan Border apart from Darfur (Sudan).



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