Dolphins in Gahirmatha

The 2020 dolphin census revealed that dolphins in Odisha’s Gahirmatha are migrating out of the region. Reasons being given are climate change, illegal fishing practice and unfavourable weather.

  • Where is Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary?

Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Odisha. It is located in the Bhitarkanika National Park. The 2020 dolphin census revealed that dolphins are migrating out of this marine sanctuary into the deep sea. In February, 2020, only 62 dolphins were spotted while in 2019, there were 126 dolphins.

  • Is humpback dolphin an example for coastal dolphin?

Humpback dolphin is a coastal dolphin found in Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary. It is found along the coasts of Indian Ocean and coasts of West Africa. It is listed under appendix I and II of the convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals.

  • Is Irrawaddy dolphin an example for euryhaline dolphin?

Irrawaddy dolphin is an example of euryhaline species. This means that it is able to tolerate a wide range of salinities. While the number of humpback dolphins in Odisha has been dropping, the number of Irrawaddy dolphins in Chilika Lake has increased.


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