Denmark lays claim over North Pole

Denmark has presented claim to United Nations over the area surrounding the North Pole. As per Denmark, this area is connected to the continental shelf of Greenland is their autonomous territory.
Greenland geographically forms part of North America rather than Europe. But it is largely self-governed, but it remains part of former colonial master Denmark, which controls foreign affairs and defence policy.


There is territorial dispute between Denmark, Canada and Russia over the energy rich Arctic territory. Canada and Russia have already asserted their own sovereignty over this region. In 2008, Denmark, along with Russia, Norway, Canada and the US said that the territorial dispute should be settled under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. In this regard UN panel was formed to settle the dispute.
After ratifying the convention, each country had 10 years to submit a claim to extend its continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles from its borders. Earlier in 2013, Canada expressed formal interest to the panel.




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