Delhi: New Assessment criteria for School students

On July 1, 2022, Government of Delhi introduced a “new assessment guidelines” for school students.

About the new assessment guidelines

  • New guidelines have been introduced for government schools, government-aided & recognised unaided schools in Delhi.
  • Under it, students will be assessed for impact of mindset curricula in their behaviour, and other scholastic subjects.
  • Assessment criteria will act as a supplement to existing evaluation norms. These are based on academic and co-curricular activity.
  • Amended assessment criteria will be implemented the current academic year.
  • Now onwards, students will be evaluated on their competencies, apart from their knowledge of key courses.

What is the significance of new assessment criteria?

Incorporation of assessments of competencies learned through these curricula is being done with the aim of emphasising the growth of social, ethical, cognitive abilities and emotional capacities. These objectives are in line with the pedagogy and objectives of mindset curriculum, that have been envisioned in the NEP 2020. The new assessment standards will further motivate students in contributing the advancement in society. It will further strengthen the critical thinking and analytical abilities among students. With new criteria, students will get rid of the need for rote learning methods.

Competency-based learning

Competency-based learning is significant and it should be prioritised, in a bid to prepare students for real-world challenges in the age driven by information and technology. It will also help in maximising the innate potential of students.

Happiness and Deshbhakti Curricula

  • According to new assessment guidelines, students from 3-8 classes will be assessed for Happiness and Deshbhakti curricula.
  • Students of Class 9 and Class 11 will be assessed for Entrepreneurship Mindset and Deshbhakti Curricula. Students of Class 11 will have an additional criterion of “Business Blasters” for assessment.




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