Delhi Government introduces “Assess Koro Na” application

On April 17, 2020, the Delhi Government launched “Assess Koro Na” application to conduct door to door survey. The application has been launched in COVID-19 containment zones.


The mobile application will speed up the decision-making process as it analyzes real-time data.

The data collected is uploaded to the servers in real time. The data are then analyzed immediately. The control centres will access this data and make quick decisions on fulfilling the needs such as ambulance services, medical expert, etc.

What is the plan?

The Delhi Government is planning on door to door survey in hotspot regions of the capital. Around 60 hotspots have been identified so far.

The surveyors will ask questions like travel history, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms. The data are to be uploaded on real time basis

Other initiatives

The Delhi Government had earlier launched Operation Shield and 5T programme to combat COVID-19. Also, Delhi Government has received permission from the Central Government to implement the plasma therapy to treat COVID-19.




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