December 20: International Human Solidarity Day

The International Human Solidarity Day was observed globally on December 20, to honour the “Unity in Diversity”.

Key Facts

  • The day is observed every year on December 20 by United Nations.
  • It acts as a reminder for governments across the world to respect their commitments towards international agreements.
  • The day became a part of ‘Trust Fund of UN’s Development Program’ in February 2003.

Aim of the Day

The International Human Solidarity Day is observed with the aim of raising public awareness on the importance of solidarity, encourage debate on the ways of promoting solidarity for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals including the poverty eradication. The day focuses on new initiatives to eradicate poverty across the world.

Logo of the Day

The logo for the day has been designed by considering its theme. Logo comprises of four humans surrounding the earth, with their arms outstretched. Different colours of the arms symbolises unity in diversity.

History of the day

On December 22, 2005, the United Nations General Assembly has identified solidarity as one of the fundamental and universal values, through resolution 60/209. The UN also noted that, promotion of solidarity culture and spirit of sharing is important to combat poverty. With the same resolution, UN announced to observe the International Human Solidarity Day on December 20.

Why this day is observed?

The International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated to promote the culture of cooperation, equality and social justice.

These of the day

The International Human Solidarity Day is observed under the same theme every year.

World Solidarity Fund

With the launch of initiatives like establishment of World Solidarity Fund to eradicate poverty and proclamation of International Human Solidarity Day, solidarity concept was promoted as significant in the fight against poverty.




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