Daniel Lewis Lee: First Federal Execution in US in 17 years

The United States Justice Department has stated that Daniel Lewis Lee (47), convicted of murdering three people of a family, was put to death by lethal injection. This is the first federal execution in the country in the last 17 years.

Daniel is the first of the three federal convicts who are going to be executed this week for several charges.

Capital Punishment in USA

Capital punishment is regularly applied in the USA and it is the only developed western nation that still has this provision in its statutes. In fact, USA was the first country to develop a lethal injection for execution purposes and since then, five other countries have also adopted this. The practice is currently followed in 28 US states, the federal government and also the US Military.

However, there has been considerable uproar in the international community for abolition of the death penalty / capital punishment with the United Nations passing a resolution to that effect in 2007. However, many countries are yet to agree and implement it.




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