Coal Directory of India 2020-21

Coal Controller’s Organization released its flagship publications “Coal Directory of India 2020-21”, recently.


  • Coal Controller’s Organisation is a subordinate office under Ministry of Coal.
  • The publication was released by the Secretary of Ministry of Coal, Dr. Anil Kumar Jain in Delhi.

What is ‘Coal Directory of India 2020-21’?

The Coal Directory of India 2020-201 comprises of information on performance of Coal and Lignite sectors during financial year 2020-21. It contains grade-wise data of production, dispatch and reserves of coal. It further provides information on pit head closing stock, prices of coal for last few years and its import-export.  The publication also provides a comprehensive and valuable reference of data to all policymakers, stakeholders, researchers, institutions and industry.

Coal Controller Organisation (CCO)

The Coal Controller Organisation (CCO) was established in 1916. It is one of the oldest offices in Indian Coal sector. CCO is responsible to ensure fair production and commercial transaction. It collects and maintains coal production data of all public as well as private sector coal mines in India. It collects information on a monthly basis. CCO is a subordinate office under the Ministry of Coal.

Responsibilities of CCO

  1. It inspects collieries, for ensuring the correctness of class, grade, or size of coal.
  2. It issues directives for declaration and maintenance of coal grades of a seam mined in a colliery.
  3. It acts as the appellate authority, to resolve dispute between consumers and owner over declaration of grade and size of coal.
  4. It also regulates the disposal of stock of coal or expected output of coal in colliery.
  5. It grants opening or re-opening permission of coal mine, seam, or a section of the seam.




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