Chris Hipkins – New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister

Chris Kipkins of New Zealand is to succeed Jacinda Ardern as PM. He belongs to the Labour Party of NZ. He is to take charge by February 2023. Currently, Chris serves as the Education minister of the country. He played a big role as Health Minister during the pandemic.

Why is New Zealand electing a new PM?

Jacinda Ardern recently announced that she is to step down as PM. After her announcement, the labor party unanimously voted for Chris. Many believe that his role as health minister during COVID earned him the ranking.

Role of Chris Hipkins

Chris was designated as the health minister during COVID in addition to other portfolios such as education and public service. He also acted as the Leader of the House during that time. Chris is also looking after the police services in the country and tackling crime rates.


Chris did his graduation from Victoria University. His major works were in politics and criminology. Before entering the Parliament in 2008, Chris worked as the senior advisor to the education ministers.

Why did Jacinda retire?

Jacinda is one of the most popular Prime Ministers of New Zealand. She still has nine more months left for the term. She cited professional burnout as the reason for her resignation. She was the youngest PM of New Zealand who took over the office at the age of 37.




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