Chhattisgarh Electric vehicle policy

On July 7, 2022, Government of Chhattisgarh approved its “Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy 2022”.


  • EV policy 2022 was approved with the objective of making Chhattisgarh an EV-manufacturing hub, reducing environment degradation and creating employment.
  • Policy was approved during by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel at the cabinet meeting.

About EV policy 2022

  • Chhattisgarh government has made a target to increase registration for electric vehicles in five years, in a manner that it accounts for 15 per cent of new registrations of individual or commercial vehicles.
  • Manufacturers of EV; who are involved in manufacturing EVs, EV battery, components of EVs, & charging infrastructure; will be given exemptions under the policy.
  • Policy has made the establishment of charging infrastructure mandatory in housing policy. Thus, it will be mandatory to install charging points in residential and commercial complexes. Charging stations will also be established in government buildings and private ones.
  • It ensures training in EVs skills as well as encourages manufacturing related to EV technology. It also asks the existing automobile manufacturers to expand in EV manufacturing.
  • Capital subsidies will be provided to companies involved in manufacturing of EVs, its components and EV batteries.

Remuneration policy

Chhattisgarh government has further announced to remunerate the state goods and services tax (SGST) and registration fees by 100%. Remuneration will be provided on the sale of electric buses and electric goods carriages during the five-year period. SGST remuneration policy will also be applicable for manufacturing EVs in Chhattisgarh during this period.




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