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Chhattisgarh launches Scheme for Tendu leaf collectors: Highlights

Chhattisgarh government has launched a social security scheme meant for the tendu leaves collectors in the state and this scheme will be beneficial for over 12 lakh families in the state, majority of them tribals ..

Chhattisgarh launches ‘Roka-Chheka Abhiyan’

Chhattisgarh government has launched the ‘Roka-Chekka Abhiyan’ in all villages in the state. The objective of this scheme is to revive traditional agricultural methods and to save Kharif crops from open grazing by stray cattle. ..


8 day cultural festival, Vasantotsav, was inaugurated at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. The dance forms of Chhattisgarh were highlighted as it’s the sister state of Gujarat. About the Festival: The Vasantotsav is an 8 day cultural ..

Dr.N Kumar conferred with Harit Ratna Award 2019

The Vice-chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Professor. Dr. N Kumar has been conferred ‘Harit Ratna Award 2019’ by the All India Agricultural Students Association. The award was presented during the 5th National Youth ..

Highlights from Good Governance Index Report

States and Union Territories were grouped in following categories for the Index ranking- Category 1: Big states- 18 Indian States, Category 2: North East and the Hill States- all 8 northeastern states of India along ..