Centre notifies new Electricity Rules

Union Ministry of Power has notified new Electricity rules called “Electricity (Rights of consumers) Rules” in India, laying down the rights of power of consumers.

Key Points

  • These rules will empower the consumers of electricity. Rules originate from the conviction that power systems exist to serve consumers and consumers have rights to get reliable services & quality electricity.
  • These rules were notified considering the fact that, distribution companies across India are monopolies and consumer has no alternative.
  • Rules will also further the ease of doing business in India as its implementation would ensure that new electricity connections, refunds and other services are provided to consumers in a time bound manner.

Key areas covered under Electricity (Rights of consumers) Rules:

  1. Rights of consumers and Obligations of Distribution licensees
  2. Consumer as Prosumer
  3. Release of new connection and modification of existing connection
  4. Metering arrangement
  5. Reliability of supply
  6. Billing and Payment
  7. Disconnection and Reconnection
  8. Standards of Performance of licensee
  9. Compensation Mechanism
  10. Grievance redressal mechanism
  11. Call Centre for Consumer Services

Key Provisions of the rules

  • It will be the duty of every distribution licensee to supply electricity on request of owner or occupier.
  • Release of new connection and modification in existing connection will be done in transparent and time bound processes. Process will be completed within 7 days in metro cities,15 days in municipal areas while 30 days in rural areas.
  • No connection will be given without a meter.
  • Compensation amount will be paid to consumers, automatically, by the distribution licensees in case of violation of performance
  • Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) will include representatives from consumer and prosumer. Grievances will be resolved within 45 days.




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