Arun Kumar Appointed as Vice-Chairman of International Union of Railways Security Platform

Arun Kumar, the Director-General of the Railway Protection Force, has been appointed as the VICE-Chairman of the Security Platform of the International Union of Railways. It has been intimated to the Railway Board by the Director-General of the UIC. Kumar will be in charge from July 2022 to July 2024.

International Union of Railways

UIC is based in Paris, France and the security platform of the organization is empowered to develop and formulate analysis and policy positions on behalf of the rail sector in matters pertaining to the security of persons, property and installations. It also promotes the exchange of information and experience among the security agencies of the UIC and proposes common interest projects and activities in the field of railway security.

It has also set up a task force to combat the virus attack in the member countries and that has been instrumental in sharing of ideas, taking precautions, restoration efforts, etc.

Railway Protection Force (RPF)

RPF is involved with the UIC in many ways and has been an active member of the security platform. It contributed to discussions, deliberations, exchange of ideas and best practices for a long time. The UIC meetings have taken place in India in 2006 and 2015.




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