Airtel Payments Bank and NSDC Come Together to Skill Rural Youth

The National Skill Development Corporation has signed a partnership agreement with Airtel Payments Bank in order to arrange for skill-based training to the youth in the rural areas. The focus will be on enabling them to find suitable opportunities for employment in the financial services industry.

It has been forged in order to bring together the experience of NSDC in skilling people, its training infrastructure and the wide network of Airtel Payments Bank in the country. The payments bank will also provide industry insights to design and conduct dedicated skill development programs for the target group of the population.

The programs will be made keeping in mind the requirement of combining knowledge and practical skill-based training required to get jobs such as Business Correspondent, Field Sales Executive, etc. among others within the financial services sector in India. The focus will be on the adoption of digital tools to drive online banking and digital financial services because of the growing penetration of affordable smartphones and 4G networks in the country.

Both the partners will also help the participants get jobs in the financial services sector, by utilizing the industry linkages available with them.

Apart from the creation of jobs, it will also encourage the trainees to take up entrepreneurship such as distributors or resellers of financial services so that they can also provide employment opportunities to other people in their locality. Special modules will be used to create awareness about digital financial services and these will be introduced in the platform.


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