Artificial Intelligence introduced as a subject in CBSE schools

The Ministry of Human Resource and Development has introduced Artificial Intelligence in classes VIII, IX and X in CBSE schools. The study materials have already been provided to the schools through official CBSE website


The CBSE has collaborated with several organization like Microsoft, Intel, IBM and so on in order to create the module of Artificial Intelligence. Around 1000 teachers were trained for hands-on knowledge on tools such as Flipgrid, OneNote, Outlook, Minecraft, etc. They also underwent 3-day project on digital story-telling, tools to create BOTs and concepts around artificial intelligence.

The Ministry has so far conducted 41 training programmes across several CBSE affiliated schools in which around 1690 teachers have been trained.


Having knowledge in Artificial Intelligence has become imperative. It has the ability to execute tasks like visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translating languages by naturally imbibing into human intelligence. It also helps to reduce error.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence at school level will help the country create a strong base in the field.




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