Approx. 2 lakhs Applications registered in the Delhi Govt. Job Portal

Within a couple of days of launching a portal for bringing the employers and the job seekers together, the portal has seen around 1.01 lakh vacancies getting posted by 4294 employers and around 1.89 lakhs jobseekers registering through the job portal. The job portal,, is expected to serve as a ‘Rozgar Bazar’ for the recruiters and the job aspirants in the capital.

This portal is going to solve the issues faced by the traders, businessmen, professionals, contractors, etc. who are not getting the adequate number of workers for doing their work. This portal will fill that gap. Since many migrant workers have left Delhi during the lockdown, there is nobody to work even if the city is opening now.

The portal launched by the Delhi Government is free of cost and an applicant is not required to pay any money to anyone for registration in the platform. The portal connects the jobseekers to employers via phone or Whatsapp.




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